The Children's Research Fund
Working to help children
How Do You Explain Pain To A Child?  You Can’t  But You Can Help Us to  Prevent It!

You can't but you can help us prevent it.

The aim of the Children's Research Fund is to help sick and disabled children all over the country. Our funds do not stretch far. We need your support!
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Over the years, the Children's Research Fund has been able to support child health projects at most of the leading Institutes of Child Health and University Department of Child Health, throughout Great Britain. We are proud of this achievement, but because of the lack of funds we still have to reject some Applications, which otherwise might have been supported.

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There's nothing more heart-rending than hearing a small child whimper "I'm trying to be brave, Mummy, but why does it hurt so much?" Or "Why can't I walk and run like other boys, Mummy?"